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Monster Mock is a service for mocking API's that has been designed to make your life easier on testing and prototyping applications. Monster Mock has a full set of features configurations, including stub management, request advanced matching, fault injection, fake data creation and much more that you can gradually add to you mocked API. And apart of that, MonsterMock mocks are 100% compatible with his OpenSource brother MMOCK

It doesn't matter if you use Python, PHP, Go, Javascript, Java, C# or any other language, if it involves an API you are going to need to test it's logic. Monster mock allows you to create mocks easily so you can focus on your application logic. All Monster Mock features will make your life easier: Full control of the mock selection parameters, with exact match, glob match and priority. Dynamically responses using variables taken from request parameter, fake data or even from the request payload. Create good-looking dynamic responses with a rich set of fake data function, like email, names, phones, etc... Test your software ability to tolerate network and application failures. Simulate stateful and complex behaviours in your mocks using scenarios state machine. Check in any moment which request is your software doing, which responses it gets and why.. Easy to use interface, get started really fast creating your mock in a matter of seconds

❓ What is a Mock?

A mock object is not just an object with known values. It is an object that has the same interface as a complex object that you cannot use in test (like a database connection and result sets), but with an implementation that you can control in your test.

🕹ī¸ What is Mocking?

Mocks is an imitation that simulates behaviour of real API but in a more a controlled manner.

✅ Why API Mocking?

Quick and consistent feedback for a test are some of the most important principles of continuous integration and API Mocks really help in facilitating this.

⌛ How do I create a Mock?

Creating a mock with monstermock is pretty easy. You just need to follow the steps listed here

🤖 What is Monster Mock?

Monster Mock is a service for mocking API's that have been designed to make your life easier on testing and prototyping applications. We really believe the developers should invest time on really matters and usually this not making complex stub, spies or mocks.