What is Monster Mock?

Monster Mock is a service for mocking API's that have been designed to make your life easier on testing and prototyping applications. We really believe the developers should invest time on really matters and usually this not making complex stub, spies or mocks.

Who is Monster Mock for?

Backend developers who work on microservices environments and need mock their dependencies, fronted developers who are working on early stages of projects and still doesn't have full functional backend system available, QA testers who needs to test and check the system integration with 3rd party providers, developers working in legacy environments with hard to mock dependencies.

What are the differences between Mmock and Monster Mock service?

Monster Mock is an enterprise edition of Mmock, it enables team working through multiple users and projects and at the same time, Monster Mock has all features that Mmock provides and much more, like an advanced UI to design the API mocks with just some clicks or and exclusive record system feature that allows cloning a running API in minutes.

Can I import Mmock definitions into Monster Mock?

Monster Mock definitions are 100% compatible with his Open Source brother Mmock you can import or export the mocks between them.

Can I use custom subdomains for my project?

By default, Monster Mock will provide a secure subdomain for each project, but feel free to find a custom subdomain name for your project, if it's free it's yours.

How to deal with big APIs?

Don't be scared to mock big REST APIs or complex systems. You can use partial mocks or the record mock system to achieve it.

How can we improve Monster Mock?

The engine used by Monster Mock (mmock) is a mature project used by companies around the world, but Monster Mock the SAAS version is still in earlier stages, because that we really appreciate any feedback. Send us your comments at thatman[at]monstermock.com

How can I access to the alpha/beta program?

If you want to participate in the program alpha/beta, please register your email here, and we will add your email to the queue. We share invitations every 2 weeks following the FIFO approach. During all the alpha/beta program all the accounts will be free.